JoJo Mathieson

JoJo loves clothes, she loves to play with colours, fabrics, textures and, of course, accessories. Yes, it used to be boys but now it's clothes - lots and lots of them!

As a child in Germany with artist parents, she was constantly exposed to colour and texture.

In working life as a high-flying executive, she travelled extensively throughout Europe, where, lets face it, fashion is of paramount importance! Switching from day to night wear, out of a suitcase, for business, pleasure and leisure was tough but one that she pulled off to perfection!

In recent times she has become a collector of dangles and bangles, rings and earrings, scarves and shoes, not forgetting the handbags of all shapes and sizes. Co-ordinating and accessorising with wonderful colour mixes has become her passion over the last few years. Personal challenges have been faced. A distinctive style has evolved...

Increasingly being approached in shops - "Would you help me choose?" and in the street, "Are you in fashion?". Her friends were converted, some took longer than others, others started to compete. The final catalyst was being asked by Glasshouse to model at a charity fundraising fashion show in May 2006.

"It was a Sunday morning, as I stood in front of the mirror my husband called upstairs "What are you doing darling? Are you playing again?", well, "Yes!" was the answer and "I'll start Sunday lunch in a minute". Then came the idea that I would like to do something for other women, combining my lifelong love affair with colour and clothing, I would make them aware of how wonderful it is to feel good, look good and be told you look good."

So began "Open The Wardrobe"...

Go on, "Be the gorgeous you are!"